We are a community of professional women based in Windsor, serving women entrepreneurs and female professionals in the Windsor-Essex Region. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your business/professional and personal goals through the cultivation of non-competitive relationships with each other. We believe, and practise the age-old concept that as women, we achieve our best results through collaboration, cooperation, caring and focusing on a shared vision.

How The Women’s Economic Forum Differs From Other Networking Groups:

Our differences make us stand out, and is the reason we are the Premier, Networking Women-Only Organization in Windsor-Essex for the last 33 years.

WEF differs from other professional women’s organizations because:

  1. We are an Inclusive organization – we welcome women from all disciplines. Our focus is to bring professional women and business owners together to build their networking abilities; promote their business, learn new skills, connect and grow collaborative businesses.

  2. We are Accommodating – we encourage numerous women from the same profession because we are all about camaraderie. We encourage women in the same profession to collaborate rather than compete, and to share information within their industry with other members.

  3. We Encourage Self-promotion – by offering opportunities to showcase your business in our “feature member spot light” – a member draws for an opportunity to speak about their business for five minutes at each meeting. There is also mini exposure, where each member is allowed thirty seconds to introduce themselves and their business. Opportunities to network at your table, are endless. In addition we host expos where members can showcase their businesses.

  4. We Promote your business – though our Facebook and LinkedIn groups, also on our website and in our newsletters.

  5. We offer Workshops – our workshops and seminars are interactive; our special events include a well-rounded array of topics important to the growth and success of today’s business women.

  6. Our Pricing is Affordable – our dues, dinners and special events are very reasonably priced. The cost of membership in this progressive organization is about $13.00 per month ($125.00 per year – 9 months), and our gourmet dinners are $29.00 for members ($35.00 for guests). We provide monthly opportunities for our members to market their businesses, learn new skills and collaborate. Corporate membership is $225.00.

  7. Board – WEF is manned by a group of dedicated volunteers, who work tirelessly to ensure that WEF continues to thrive.

WEF Meetings & Location:

  • Our meetings are held on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month from September to June (excluding December) = 9 months.
  • We meet at the fabulous Spago Ristorante, 619 Erie Street East, Windsor.
  • Our special events take place at the spacious St. Angela’s Church Hall, 750 Erie Street East, Windsor

Photos/Video Notice:

Because we wish to chronicle our events, we do take photos and videos at each meeting; these photos and videos may be used in our marketing, website, social media and print media. By attending a WEF event you agree to allow photos and or video of you to be used in WEF’s marketing.