WEF is a warm and welcoming professional networking organization focused on meeting the unique needs of women executives, entrepreneurs and women wanting to be business. We are a supportive, caring inclusive community and we love to help professional women and business owners grow their businesses and expand their knowledge base.

Benefits to Members:

  • One-on-one and group networking
  • The opportunity to introduce yourself and your business to a room full of members and guests.
  • Increased visibility on our website, in our newsletters and our social media pages.
  • The ability to distribute your business, marketing material at our events and expos.
  • Showcasing yourself and your business at the “feature member’ platform – a five (5) minute self-promotion opportunity.
  • The opportunity to reserve a marketing table at our monthly meetings and expos.
  •  Educational, inspirational and interactive presentations
  • Opportunities to collaborate with members with similar interest.

In addition, members have a network of women who are happy to promote, and buy from the businesses of their fellow members. We urge you to participate, get to know your sisters in the WEF community, because the more you participate the great your benefit!

Membership Applications: 

Please download the application form here

Code of Ethics and Professional Etiquette guidelines.

We at WEF take pride in the fact that we provide a relaxed and nurturing environment to network and meet new women but we do have some simple guidelines we ask that you honour our requests:

  • Please register early for events, this allows us to plan more effectively.
  • Please sign in at the reception desk and obtain a nametag.
  • Please wear your name tag as it makes it easy for other members to identify you.
  • Please reserve a table if you would like to display your materials
  • Please put your cellphones on vibrate and leave them off the tables.
  • Please introduce your guest to other members.
  • Please make other members comfortable by being courteous and appreciative.
  • Please Note – we strongly advise anyone who consumes alcohol to NOT Drink and Drive


We love guests! Guests are welcome to attend up to two (2) events prior to making application for membership. Guests are responsible for purchasing their own food and beverages at events.

Please note that membership dues do not include meals/refreshments or supplies. Each member or guest buys her own meal, refreshments, and/or supplies at our expos or workshops.

Participation – Networking

Effective networking allows you to get to know other people and help them get to know you.
Remember – People do business with people they know and like! Networking is about building relationships, getting to know others and finding out ‘how you can help others’ By attending meetings regularly, you are able to strengthen old relationships and forge new ones.

Action Items:

Make the effort – Be prepared

  • Look and act like a professional
  • Walk with updated business cards and brochures
  • Perfect your ‘elevator speech’ or your ‘unique selling proposition’ – a 30 second infomercial that tells others – your name, business name, what you do and who and how you help.
  • Walk with a pen and a notebook – Be prepared to schedule appointments
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Introduce yourself to new members and make them feel welcome.
  • Be respectful of the speaker by not talking during the presentation
  • Remember that the ‘money is in the follow-up’ – call and schedule a coffee with someone in whom you are interested to do business with.

Support WEF Members

By supporting other members you are showing respect, helping them in their business, and enabling our community to grow stronger.

Ways in which you can Show Your Support:

  • Attend their events
  • Connect and comment on their social media posts
  • Compliment them on their achievements
  • Give them referrals
  • Write testimonials and leave positive reviews on their social media pages.

Member to Member Discount

If your business allows it, offer a discount to other WEF members’ it shows that you appreciate the professional and personal connections made through WEF and will also increase the chances that your services or products will be chosen because they are more affordable. You may make such announcements during your elevator speech or your five (5) minute member spotlight platform.